Blogger to WordPress for Backup

It is always wise to keep a backup of one’s posts, but keeping it on the local system does not seem wise…hence the easiest and best way that I can think of it to copy it all to WordPress, so that I have dual visibility as well as a backup…

The way to do this is to create equal no. of wordpress blogs with the same name..

Then goto tools import (note that i use my same gmail account for both blogger and wordpress) and select the blog to import posts from…

BLOGGER WORDPRESS Cannot be imported as its private* Cannot be imported as its private*

Make sure u keep the Blog Permissions same across Blogger and WordPress for convenience

For Private Blogger Blogs I’ll have to manually export the Posts from Blogger and import in WordPress

To fetch your export file, go to Settings -> Export blog in the control panel for your Blogger blog.


Make sure that for Private Blogs you select :

YouTube Watch History Script

My need is to capture the watched YouTube videos in a playlist.
For this, I run this simple script in :
var getInputs=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);var i=8;while(getInputs[i].value!==’pWxMDdLey0E’){if(getInputs[i].type===’checkbox’)getInputs[i].checked=true;i++}
This allows me to select all checkboxes above the one with ‘pWxMDdLey0E so that I can then move all to the new playlist.
Now the issue is that I need to capture the last video (from the last run) manually which sucks.
To overcome this I plan to add the id of the last video in local storage (it persists browser restart as well).

Here is the final script:
var getInputs=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);var i=0;var id=localStorage.getItem(“LastID”);while(getInputs[i].value!==id){if(getInputs[i].type===”checkbox”){if(i===7){localStorage.setItem(“LastID”,getInputs[i].value)}else{getInputs[i].checked=true}if(i===5){getInputs[i].checked=false}}i++}
Just add it as a bookmark and enjoy… J

javascript: (function () { var getInputs=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);var i=0;var id=localStorage.getItem(“LastID”);while(getInputs[i].value!==id){if(getInputs[i].type===”checkbox”){if(i===7){localStorage.setItem(“LastID”,getInputs[i].value)}else{getInputs[i].checked=true}if(i===5){getInputs[i].checked=false}}i++}})();
Uploaded it on :

simple chrome extension that shows alert on click

Show/Hide left navigation pane in MSDN

1. document.getElementById(‘content’).style.removeProperty(‘margin-left’);
2. document.getElementById(‘leftNav’).style.display = (document.getElementById(‘leftNav’).style.display != ‘none’ ? ‘none’ : ” );

minify from:


Uploaded on

As userscripts are not allowed in chrome (Other workaround is to install Tampermonkey or NinjaKit.), i had to create a Bookmark (with URL as the script). But that needs me to clk on the bookmark button so then i created a search engine in chrome for using a keyboard shortcut to trigger it..

script is :

javascript: (function () { document.getElementById(“leftNav”).style.display = document.getElementById(“leftNav”).style.display != “none” ? “none” : “”; document.getElementById(“content”).style.removeProperty(“margin-left”);})();

Also created a simple github extension to do the same :


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