Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack vs Feature Pack

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 ( :

I am also installing :
VisualStudio2010FeaturePack 2.0 : en_visual_studio_2010_fp2_x86_604352.msi
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2 extends the following areas of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010:

jSharp and j++

On January 24, 2001, this and all other outstanding Sun-Microsoft lawsuits were settled as part of a wide-ranging agreement between Sun and Microsoft.[9] The settlement document outlined that Microsoft also could not advance J++ beyond its mirrored implementation of Java, version 1.1.4. This effectively ended J++ and further updates. As well, the MSJVM had to cease to be distributed and is no longer available for download.

Visual J# (pronounced “Jay Sharp”) is a Microsoft language whose syntax is close to Java, part of the .NET Framework. Visual J# is part of the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET product suite and is designed to help developers and programmers migrate from J++ (or Java) to the .NET Framework.

Microsoft later developed the C# (“C Sharp”) language as the primary language for the .NET platform, which was in many ways influenced by Java; subsequently the .NET Framework shares many ideas in common with Java. Much like Java, C# is compiled to a type of bytecode (called CIL), and runs on top of a virtual machine called the Common Language Runtime in .NET. Visual Studio 2005 was the last release to include J#.

how to auto hide scrollbar in chrome

Whoa…how hard is it to ask the right Qs, i would say very…for i asked G how to hide the scrollbars and am using it hidden for long until it atruck me days later that auto hide would be much more convenient…

nyways, here’s the result:

1. does not work on chrome and neither does the other userstyles…:(

2. works on chrome

3. Chrome extensions TO HIDE SCROLLBARS: and

4. Chrome extensions TO MODIFY SCROLLBARS:

Thin Scroll Bar

best: Thin Scroll Bar

Hello world in eclipse-jee-kepler using JRE 1.7

Turns out that eclipse-jee-kepler ships with 1.6 as the installed JRE…

so i had to download 1.7 from

THe way i resolved is was to :

Next install it in the default location: C:\Program Files\Java\
It installs jdk1.7.0_11 and  jre7
Now open Eclipse and do the following:

1. File 
2 New Java Project
3 Configure JREs
4 Add
5 C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_11
Now you can create any new Java Project with 1.7 as the version
That’s all

and then provide it to Eclipse using:

  1. Create a project.
  2. Right-click on your project and choose Properties.
  3. Click on Java Build Path.
  4. Click on the Libraries tab.
  5. Click on Add External JARs....

How to view, debug, download the .net framework source code

2. In visual studio use tools like Resharper which download the appropriate dlls and decompile these so that u can see the code and even step into it while debugging.
4 .BEST:
7. View it online:
9. Download from: