SOAP Request and Response Interception

See the dia. here


Configure Pluggable SOAP Extension

Please follow the below steps to configure the dll (SoapExtensionSampleDll.dll) in your web application:

1. Copy the compiled dll SoapExtensionSampleDll.dll  from the given solution to the bin directory of your web application

2. Add following configuration to your web.config :

1.  Register the dll :


<assemblyIdentity name=”SoapExtensionSampleDll” />


2.  Register the Soap Extension:


<add type=” SoapExtensionSampleDll.MySoapExtension, SoapExtensionSampleDll, Version=, />


Blackberry Tips

  1. Reset
    1. To perform a soft reset, hold down the ALT + CAP (right side) + DEL keys.
    2. To perform a double soft reset, hold down the ALT + CAP + DEL keys, and when your display lights back up, hold down the ALT + CAP + DEL keys again.
    3. Perform a hard reset simply by removing the battery from the device, and then replacing it.

How to create a follow up Meeting by copying an existing Outlook meeting

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  1. Create recurring meetings in outlook 2013 at different times
  2. How to create a follow up meeting from any outlook 2013 meeting
  3. how to copy a meeting when setting up a new meeting in outlook 2013

What Worked

  1. OR
    1. Copy the meeting item in your calendar: Press Ctrl and drag the meeting onto your desired data.
    2. Update and Send: Double click the copy one and modify the subject(may be add [follow up]), location, add or remove attendees etc. Click Send update to complete.

Bonus Tips:

  2. Meeting Workspace:

Using Git Extensions in Visual Studio

Using: Open Source Git Extension 2.4


  1. In the GIT tab in VS, select Clone
  2. In case u don’t have the release responsibility, clone the develop branch only
  3. Once done, do File -> Open Solution
  4. Checkout Branch to switch Branches (rt clk on the coln in VS soln explorer)
  5. To switch to Develop branch of Stash, select origin/develop (origin means Stash)
  6. Soln Explorer shows the current branch in brackets on the Top
  7. For every change create new branch
  8. So rt clk on soln -> Git -> New Branch (This is called Feature Branch)
  9. Then make the changes and do Commit.
  10. This will commit to the new branch (This is called Staging)
  11. Then Push (ie Merge) with the Develop Branch in Stash
    1. For this first do checkout Branch -> Local -> Develop
    2. The Pull from Remote origin Develop Branch to get the latest Updates
    3. Then select Merge (Note that in its Form, merge with actually means Merge From)
    4. Then Push to Remote -> Develop from Local Develop

(Verify the change in Stash Develop Branch)


Then Do Integration Build

  2. We need to Merge with Master
  3. 1st Pull from Remote Master to local master
  4. Checout Master
  5. Merge loca develop with local master
  6. Push local Master to remote Master


(Verify the change in Stash Master Branch)



  1. edit .gitignore file can be edited from the rt clk menu itself


Make your Google Calendar visible in Outlook

To do this you have to :

  1. Simply go to the calendar view and in the Ribbon, select “Open Calendar”.
  2. From Internet
  3. Find the ICL address of your Google Cal:
    1. Mine is:
    2. Note that u have to make ur calendar public for this to work