IDM integration in chrome stopped working abruptly

source :

Also note that IDM installation comes with IDMGCExt.crx at this path : C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager

So make sure u install the extension from here and not from the chrome web store …once done, then don;t update it

also disable and enable advanced browser integration.

I also logged into Google…dunno how that could have helped get the download option back into youtube, but it did…

Alternative to Google Calendar..while it is not working

It’s been a week now since G Cal is not loading on any of my browsers..

When i first noticed it, i thought there was something wrong with my Chromium… but then when it really didn’t work even after a day or two…i was not ready to accept the fact that a Google Service can be down and that too, for so long…

Finally when i reached delhi today and it was not working on my sis’ lappy as well, i had to accept this, and started searching for alternatives…

My only requirement was the it has a UI  UX similar to GCal and should sync with (or have a easy migration) with GCal…

and this goes without saying : It should be FREE..

So i read about many and tried out ZOHO, which was fine except the sync option was available to Paid users only…sad

But good for me..i suddenly remembered my outlook cal that i use in office 100 times a day (dextop one)… and turns out it is free for anyone with a Microsoft account ,….which i’ve had for a long time (

Also found easy and free options to migrate data from it to GCal by microsoft only  :


3rd Party: