Best way to experience YouTube

I watch YouTube for hours at end and have wanted to find a perfect experience for years….Finally around an year back everything fell into place and I found a system that works so well that I wouldn’t change anything… First things first…here’s what I was looking for:

  1. Ability to follow channels in such a way that I’m notified of every new video posted on it and also, the system tracks when I watch the video and removes it from my queue
    1. Feedly serves this need perfectly…I’ve subscribed to hundreds of channels with it
  2. When I click on any video, it should play in full screen and at a desired resolution and aspect ratio…
    1. I’ve tried everything from chrome extensions to user scripts to downloaders (IDM + VLC Player) to get this experience, but finally it’s when I found the “yeppha center for YouTube” extension, it satisfied all these requirements perfectly
  3. when I play a video it should play at the desired speed (e.g. 1.4x) automatically for each video
    1. For this, for the longest time I stuck with downloading videos and playing them in VLC, but now thanks to the YouTube html5 player and “Video Speed Controller” extension, I can achieve this easily
  4. Make sure I don’t see any ads anywhere on the page
    1. AdBlock extension does the trick quite nicely