how to launch a url at specific time in chrome

You can open urls from the command line, by running this: $ “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

You just need a way to run that at the time you choose.

On Windows, you can use the task scheduler.

On OS X, you could use iCal or cron.


How to find if an application was killed or crashed in windows 7

How to capture .net application crash in code


Windows Explorer Search Tips

Windows Explorer Search Tips

Qs I had:

  1. search tips windows explorer windows 7
  2. how to search folder names and not files in windows explorer windows 7


I have recently started storing all my files in a single Dir and it now contains over 500 files and 100 Folders..

Now the biggest issue is that when I start typing the file/folder name it almost never gets me to the right file. Also, Search Bar Takes eons to show anything as the dir size is close to 30 GB and when it does come back it shows results from inside file names and what not, when all I want is to search the folder name, not even the file names inside the folder….

Finally I had to search for Tips and this is what I found:

  1. Before doing anything, just go to folder options, and simply uncheck : Include subfolders in search results option in the search tab.

This resolved the whole issue for me and now the search box is instant.

This setting is Global, so now even if I search for the file in start menu textbox, the results are instant..

  1. If for you its still slow OR if u want to search subfolders, it best to Add the folder to index.
  2. This is full exhaustive search and will take the longest:
  3. Use filters of Natural Language search:
  7. Tabbed Browsing:





1) make sure windows search service is enabled

just type “Services” at the Start Search bar

right click windows seach and select properties

select startup type as automatic

click “start” to start service

2) make sure your drive has indexing enabled

go to my computer

right click on hard drive (normally C:)


make sure “allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties” is selected

You may need to restart computer or rebuild index after this is complete





Getting rid of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 Flashing Taskbar Notifications

If there is one Product from 2007 that I am using, it this…

The main issue I have with it is that It shows hideous distracting Flash when someone sends me a message.

Finally I got sick of it and tried ways to get rid of it online:

  3. Another thing that I tried is that First I enabled sound notification for MOC and then from the control panel setting I enabled sound notification as visual by selecting Flash the screen and Flash current Active Window, but none of those actually worked very well…

Windows 7 shortcuts and customizations

To set program shortcuts,

  1. Right click the shortcut on your Desktop and choose Properties.
  2. On the Shortcut tab click in the Shortcut key field.
  3. Type a letter for the shortcut. For instance; o
  4. The keyboard shortcut will automatically be filled as CTRL+ALT+O
  5. Click OK

Build in Ones:

  1. Win + E : Explorer
  2. Win + Q : Communicator
  3. Win + (1 to 9): The programs in the Taskbar in the order that they are listed.
  4. Win + Up Arrow: Maximize the window
  5. Win + Down Arrow: Bring the window to its original size
  6. Win + Shift + Up Arrow: Maximize the window vertically only
  7. Win + Shift + Right Arrow : Move the Window Right
  8. Win + Shift + Left Arrow : Move the Window Left
  9. Win + Shift + Right Arrow: Move the window to second monitor without changing size
  10. Win + Shift + Left Arrow: Move the window to second monitor without changing size


  1. change windows 7 lock screen image 
  2. Show taskbar when mouse moves near it: (leads to this)
  3. PowerPro
  4. BEST MOUSE SETTING IS : Go here Control Panel\All Control Panel Items and serach for Mouse setting and select Pointer Options Tab and Auto move pointer to button

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Admin rights Quirks in Windows 7

Here are a few lessons i’ve learnt in my struggle with admin rights of win 7:

When explorer is not running as admin while a process like Word is, then u cannot drag a doc from explorer to word
When u open the same doc by doudle clicking on it, then it opens in word but in another instance of word which is not a admin process …even though there is another process running as admin for word
When u then modify this doc and try to save it, u cannot as word is not running as admin and hence opens the doc in read only view.
So then how to do this ?
Simply run explorer as admin by running cmd as admin, then killing all explorer instances from task mgr. and then running it from cmd by > explorer.exe

Then double clicking on doc will open it as admin always and hence no issues in saving etc.

Also i still get random pop ups asking if i want to perform actions as admin, even for things like copy paste …
so basically i want

For this it tried :

found another crazy thing that i get issues like the UAC prompt and read only files only in case i don’t have the file in my user folder : C:\Users\tarun.khemani

But when i have the files there there are no issues …


ALSO, for all ur directories allow security full access for everyone to the root itself …this will get rid of all edge cases that lead to stupid issues…..