JIVE for Office 2013 plugin issue

I have been using Jive for Office 2.0 app in the Past with Office 2010 and it worked perfectly with Word 2010.

Now since upgrading to 2013, it stopped working and in the File – Options menu I see that it says “Runtime load error for this addin”.

Online I found that:

This new v2.5 release of Jive for Office features:

  • Support for Office 2013
    and Windows 8


ALSO found that :

Jive for Office v2.5 supports Jive 6.0.1+, on the Microsoft side Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 are supported

DOWNLOAD FROM: http://files.jivesoftware.com/extended-apis/office/manual/JiveForOfficeClient.zip

Ok, so I downloaded and installed the latest version…but it didn’t frekin work even after an hr of troubleshooting, summarized below:

1.            Delete normal.dotm from: C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates   (coz the jive installation made it corrupt)

a.This got rid of the error but the plugin still doesn’t work

2.            Debug the issue with enabling errors: http://www.scinaptic.com/support/0053.html

a.This does not display any errors at startup for me and the plugin still doesn’t work

3.            BEST: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vsod/archive/2008/04/22/troubleshooting-com-add-in-load-failures.aspx

a. No help

4.            http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/192b4460-22be-4218-8609-61ef37cefac3/addins-not-loaded-a-runtime-error-occurred-during-the-loading-of-the-com-addin?forum=exceldev

Fiddled with the registry a lot to no avail…

FINALLY got it to working on intuition…

1.       Uninstalled the plugin from control panel (for the 4th time today)

2.       Installed it again from the exe (note, my version is 20.5.593.15184) jive-for-office.exe

3.       But this time I went into advanced settings while installing and installed it for the machine instead of the user (which is the default setting)

4.       That did the trick and now its working !!!


Normal.dotm corrupt in word 2013

Normal.dotm corrupt in word 2013

Error: we can’t open normal.dotm beacuse we found problems with its contents


1.       Delete it from: C:\Users\khematar\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

a.       This got rid of the error but the plugin still doesn’t work

2.       Debug the issue with enabling errors: http://www.scinaptic.com/support/0053.html

a.       This does not display any errors at startup for me and the plugin that caused the corruption
still doesn’t work

Anyways this issue is resolved as after deleting the dotm file, word was able to create a new one in the next startup, and for future, In the advanced options I checked the NOTIFY ON STYLE  CHANGE option and so if anyone tries to change the normal.dotm file, I get notified.