How to create a follow up Meeting by copying an existing Outlook meeting

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  1. Create recurring meetings in outlook 2013 at different times
  2. How to create a follow up meeting from any outlook 2013 meeting
  3. how to copy a meeting when setting up a new meeting in outlook 2013

What Worked

  1. OR
    1. Copy the meeting item in your calendar: Press Ctrl and drag the meeting onto your desired data.
    2. Update and Send: Double click the copy one and modify the subject(may be add [follow up]), location, add or remove attendees etc. Click Send update to complete.

Bonus Tips:

  2. Meeting Workspace:

Make your Google Calendar visible in Outlook

To do this you have to :

  1. Simply go to the calendar view and in the Ribbon, select “Open Calendar”.
  2. From Internet
  3. Find the ICL address of your Google Cal:
    1. Mine is:
    2. Note that u have to make ur calendar public for this to work


Using Room Finder in Outlook 2013

  1. View the Room Calendar for any Room in your calendar Tab
    1. Simply go to the calendar view and in the Ribbon, select “Open Calendar”.
    2. Then select From Room List
    3. See:
  2. Use the Room Finder:
    1. For this the rooms have to be configured like so:


Outlook Mail Templates


1.       Outlook allows creating Mail Templates that can be used to quickly send mails to
standard group of people or Set up meetings quickly…

2.       The way to set this up is described here:

3.       Rules are another quick way of sorting messages:

But make sure that u select “Stop applying
more Rules” for every new rule, otherwise it’ll get screwed up

This course is quite good: Save
time with templates in Outlook