favourite website design elements

I use Bootstrap extensively in my web apps and am a fan of the AngularUI Project.

Bootstrap 3 Responsive Grid is really useful and I’ve used it in my intranet sites as well, as the monitor sizes are not uniform across the firm.

I like how every time I select stuff off of websites, the selection color is different (thanks to CSS 3). It’s pleasing to see, after years of blue selection color)

Some of the amazing design elements that I have come across are:

  1. http://css-tricks.com/: I’m a fan of the tabbed layout on this site.
  2. http://www.hubspot.com/: It’s carousel for comments (when you scroll halfway down the page)
  3. http://www.cloudpassage.com/: It’s design is crisp and clear and I really like the logos for navigation and showcase
  4. http://feedly.com: I’m a heavy user of feedly for my RSS feeds and like its simple tree navigation and how it auto hides on small screens, and the customizations of views like magazine, tile and card layout. An open API allows other sites and service providers to integrate with Feedly which is very powerful.
  5. http://www.desk.com/: It has beautifully designed homepage with  bold screenshots
  6. https://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/: The big bold images really help the bring the design to life
  7. REAP and Innovation: I’ve been creating a lot of Jive sites for our projects and initiatives, and I like the look of these 2 sites, as it’s not easy to customise Jive sites easily.
  8. http://www.awwwards.com/: The colors choice and grid layout is quite appealing to me


To Check out later:




  • Parallax flow– keeps viewers interested in what’s coming next and gives a logical and smooth flow of a product/story information.



  • Fixed Navigation Menu simple & user-friendly main menu makes life a lot easy for user.


  • Slide out Menus Main menu should be fixed, but a specific page menu can be made slideout to let user view the whole content in a larger area when the sub menu is not required.


  • Infographics– HTML5 canvas video is a great component for presenting a motion graphic instead of still images. And it’s a very good design to present complex/large data in an intuitive manner.



  • Flat Design & Simple colors – Best suited for product display like a mobile device showcase/ cloths. But can be very well used with regular site and it creates a very good impact as compared to chrome as it focus more on text and content than flashy menu bars or UI elements.

Example: Metro UI is one of the most elegant design.




  • Modal Dialogue – Gray out background let user focus on a critical task by keeping the background at a low profile.