Visual Studio 2013 Features

Visual Studio 2013 Features

  1. CodeLens:
    1. Alt Key
    2. Peek Definition:
      1. Alt + F12


  1. Debug visually with Code Map debugger integration:
  2. Understanding complex code with Code Map:
  3. Load testing applications in Visual Studio:
  4. Improving quality with unit tests and fakes:
  5. Understand your code dependencies through visualization:
  6. Enhanced features for testing software with Visual Studio:
  7. Managed Memory Analysis:
    1. For analyzing dmp files, this is a new option
    2. Improve unit testing workflow with these Test Explorer improvements:

Windows Registry Editor for UPPERCASE MENU ITEMS Fix Visual Studio

Windows Registry Editor for UPPERCASE MENU ITEMS Fix 

VS 2012



VS 2013



Tool: FixCasing





Visual Studio 2013 Resharper 7 ISSUES

Visual Studio 2013 Resharper 7 ISSUES

1.        Resharper 7.x is not available for VS 2013

a.       I have a licenced version of 7.x and can’t use in VS 13 :

b.      Hack:


c.       I finally installed resharper 8 trial only for  VS 13 for now…




Msil Disassembler for Visual Studio

ILSpy and ILDASM are 2 popular tools to see the Diassembled IL code so as to figure out the actual code for abstractions like LINQ etc. among other things

Here is an extensive list of all:

I didn’t find any Visual Studio extension for this yet. I’m surprised that Disassembly window in Visual Studio doesn’t show this.

.Net Reflector looks like it can do this but its paid so I haven’t tried it yet

Debugging Multiple Solutions simultaneously in VS

Hi,This was the 1st requirement of my proj.

the project is a dll and its classes are invoked by machine config…hence it intercepts all apps…

To debug :

Open the soln in VS and host it on the VS Server (by default u should host VS apps in IIS only –unless  u want to debug— but then if u want to debug multiple apps, u need to host all on VS but 1 and run all from iis and attach the one to the asp_wp from the VS Debug menu.

Visual Studio 101

Tips from :


In Case Visual studio is crashing on opening project etc. simply delete the solution_name.suo file which is next to ur solution_name.sln file.

Always select General Settings when starting Visual Studio, as selecting env. specific settings hides options from the menus..which sucks.
Set breakpoints on the return of the call by using F9 to set it
4. Breakpionts on expressions. Bkps. are not line specific, so in  a line, highlight a expression and do F9  and see 
U need the pdb of 3rd party lib to see its source code, but to set breakpoints in that 3rd party code u don’t. Just do ^B and write the name of the function to set bkpt on it
getter and setters are methods and so to set bkpts on it do get_propName etc.
Another easy way to set bkpts is to do ^D and then type the name of the function fully eg : Main(string[] args) and then hit F9 and voila…
Again ^D ie find window can turn to command window by doing : “>” on it
Now on top of pt. 7 when u do “>of Program.cs” in ^D, it gives u intellisense for file names and takes u to them
9. Fonts

Never change the zoom of Visual Studio..this will screw u the font, specially consolas. Best is to go to tools-> Options -> Fonts and Colors and change the font size itself

10. Auto Recovery
change interval :

path :

.net debugging and intellitrace

 5 tips to debug c# program using visual studio 2010 ( f10,11 watch windows and intellitrace) :

IntelliTrace Debugging in Visual Studio 2010

Intellitrace in Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010


1. Always ass watch on the variables, in case you need intellitrace to maintain a history for them as well.

2. Disable “Just My code” : This setting is at the Editor level and not application specific and so Doing is once is enough

and  (its ppt is here)