1. Transformations are applied in HTML 5 by using ________


  1. transform
  2. canvas
  3. change
  4. None of the above


  1. What are the web storages are available in HTML5?


  1. sessionStorage and pageStorage
  2. localStorage and sessionStorage
  3. localStorage and pageStorage
  4. dataStorage and sessionStorage


  1. Does HTML5 allow users to edit the content on web page?
  1. Yes
  2. No


How? : <div id=”edit” contenteditable=”true”>

  1. Which of the following is not new element of HTML5?


  1. <datalist>
  2. <optgroup>
  3. <keygen>
  4. <output>
  5. Both (c) and (d)


  1. Which of the following element has not been removed from HTML5?


  1. <frame>
  2. <frameset>
  3. <noframes>
  4. <fieldset>
  5. <center>


  1. Which of the following element is not related video in HTML5?


  1. <video>
  2. <source>
  3. <play>
  4. <track>
  5. All of the above are related to video.


  1. Which of the following attribute is responsible for subtitle of a video inside <video> element?


  1. <caption>
  2. <subtitle>
  3. <source>
  4. <autoplay>
  5. <track>


  1. If there are multiple <source> element inside a <video> element. Browser will display the video of:


  1. First <source> element.
  2. Last <source> element.
  3. All <source> element from first to last.
  4. Will depend upon the browser support of media source.
  5. Error message: multiple media source.



Put Excel data on a Web page for Upload


We want to allow user to do bulk upload of data in excel format to our db from a web page.

I’m not sure how to process excel at backend, so my 1st thought is to somehow copy the table from excel sheet to HTML table OR upload as csv, which can be easily processed at front or back end.

This is one site that does it:

Building a Spreadsheet in 20 Minutes with Angular.js:

Export Table to excel:

Creating Offline WebApps


I wanted to create a cross platform Offline mobile app. The app is quite simple and so the best way is to create a web app and wrap it with native wrapper. I have used in the past and found it to be very impressive.

But I quickly realized that though I can distribute the packages easily (actually hosts the build output anyways), but how would iOS users be able to install the app file (android allows installing apk from file system) as it permits only App Store Apps.

So that was the end of that.

Then I tried to open my page in the mobile browsers in mobile browsers on iphone  and android phone. Next I saved the page using the browser option (on iOS its reading list and in android its called save page), thinking that it would be like when u do this on the desktop. I was too lazy to create app cache. Anyways this did not work, at least in android as it opens the saved page in Read only mode so textbox etc. are disabled.

Now app cache looks like the only viable solution for this.


HTML 5 Training Dec 13 Day 1


  2. features explore and bg


  1. Hiding data in passwords

Use MD5 or SHA Hashing Algos as that is one way whereas Encoding and decoding is 2 way..



  1. MIME: multipurpose..
  2. XHTML is HTML with strictness like fixed structure (like xsd of xml)
  3. If browser doesn’t understand tag it dumps the contents of tag on screen
  4. So put script tag content in html comment
  5. ISO vs UNICODE is one byte per char vs multiple bytes.
  6. Win 98 was ISO and so different OS CD for diff languages
  7. Win 2000 onwards was UNICODE and so same os and Lang Packs for languages
  8. Structure in HTML and Formatting in CSS
  9. <DOCTYTE> ia directive telling browser that we’re using HTML 5

10.<link rel=”Shortcut Icon” now as OS enable web app shortcuts

  1. <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/atom+xml” title=”Rediff News Feeds” href=””&gt; for RSS of the site… This works in Firefox only for now as it had a inbuilt feed case the subs opens as:  feed:, remove “feed:”.

To get this to work in Firefox Bookmarks menu, select subscribe to this page

  1. <hgroup> to make search for the node in DOM tree faster by grouping any set of html tags when doing assert like getelementsbyid etc. for any tag. Also this helps in styling, as u can only style the group
  2. Use UNICODE value of space (&#160)so that no lookup for space when using &nbsp


  1. rgba vs hsla
  2. content:url(bottle.jpeg); // is not part of the DOM

HTML5 Training Day 2 NOTES

HTML5 Training Day 2 NOTES

  1. CDM: use the postMessage
  2. When using postMessage we need to make sure that the origin has not changed, coz user can navigate to another domain in the iframe and in that case teh source may not want to send the message
  3. New version of XHR supports upload docs and CORS. First find out if xhr.withcredentials is defined. if not then the browser does not have xhr2
  4. When using CDM or SSE, make sure that the source domain of the message is the domain that u want to listen to as a double check that right person is sending u the data
  5. Server sent events is same as Long Polling as the client closes the connection as soon as it gets response and then the eventsource browser object client opens a new connection again. To overcome this behavior, use http connection keepalive header..the issue today is that IIS, Apache etc. ignore this header, but it works perfectly with NodeJS server.
  6. HTTP is stateless but WebSocket uses TCP and hence is stateful, and is full duplex.
  7. After upgrading to websocket during handshake, server and client can send frames of data and server sent frame has to be <4Gb each as JS cannot handle >4GB file size
  8. HTTP 80
  9. HTTPS 443
  10. WS 81
  11. WSS 815
  12. Self in html refers to window object but in worker it refers to the worker itself…NOTE