Chrome to Chromium User Data (Profile) Tips

Though I have faced a lot of issues with chromium in the past and never looked back after having installed 

Chrome Canary, recently, since updating to canary 32, I see that JS is not
getting executed in the inspector console …so I decided to move to chromium
till I find a resolution.

Basically chromium runs
parallel to chrome installation:

Chrome:C:\Users\khematar\AppData\Local\Chrome\User Data\

Chromium: C:\Users\khematar\AppData\Local\Chromium\User

The major issue is that I
want to migrate my extensions and settings from chrome as starting from scratch
would be a pain for sure so I copied the :

Extension Rules

Extension State


From Chrome User Data to
Chromium’s ..

But that did not work…

Rather than debugging, I am
simply replacing the chromium user data to chrome’s…

That did the trick nicely and
I was able to get all chrome settings to chromium

That gave me an idea of checking
if it’s my user data that’s causing chrome inspector console to not work

So I renamed it and launched
chrome only to find that I was right and now it works perfectly….

Btw this is Version
32.0.1671.4 Aura SyzyASan version that I am talking about…                                                                                                                                                                                                                            







Open Chrome in Kiosk Mode (Full Screen)

The use case I have is to show a URL in chrome in Full

Screen. There are 3 ways of doing this.

Note that in case you open the URL in a new tab and try to
switch to fullscreen using Javascript, you’’ll not be able to do so without
user intervention.

I found the below ways to do it without user having to allow
fullscreen or even enter the URL in the address bar:

1.       In
the chrome shortcut, append: chrome.exe –kiosk –incognito


2.       BEST:
“%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe ”
–user-data-dir=$(mktemp -d) –kiosk


         3. This is not quite a fix, you can still exit full
screen mode as normal, but you can start a web site/app full screen:

1. Bookmark the page you want to
open on startup.

2. Open a new tab and go to the
‘Apps’ section

3. Drag your bookmark onto the app
area to create an app shortcut

4. Right click on your newly
created ‘app’ and select ‘Open full screen’

5. Right click on it again and
click ‘Create application shortcuts…’

This will give you a shortcut to
open your chosen page in full screen. If anyone finds a way to disable the full
screen popup please post it.






Tampermonkey – the most popular userscript manager for Blink-based browsers.

I need this to run a script on every youtube page that i load.

The current way i’m doing this is by having a bookmarklet and a search engine shortcut (i’ve explained it here)

Ok now to write a tapermonkey script i need to first install it, and as i don’t have access to chrome store, i took the source from here


To download svn source i used this, which failed as it said that proxy auth is required…

Final Chrome Local Modification Persistance working


Leme talk about it from scratch :

1. Host ur site on any server
2. Make sure the css files are seperate
3. Turn on all dev tools related flags in chrome:flags
4. Turn on all experimental features
5. Browse ur html from server
6. Goto settings and click on file system and select the physical path of ur website
7. Once it is open in the sources tab, right clk on each file and say…Map to n/w resource
8. Then it’ll ask u to restart dev tools ..say yes..then open it again on the same tab (not necessary)
9. After restart devtools will show you the singe folder entry in the files pane and will apply all the changes you do to the local file each time when you press Ctrl + S or Cmd + S on mac.
10. For the css changes done in the Elements panel, it’ll auto save those…But for changing HTML, do that in the sources panel and not the Elements panel as that is not considered ….

Best Chrome Dev Tool : tincr

This is what i was looking for a long time…

There’s another one of these but it uses a node.js server to be setup./..



Issues :

I tried installing the master from the BitBucket (had to fork it first)…then when i loaded in chrome usifn unpacked extensions option …

then opened my simple css, js and html and edited it in the elements and sources tab both (after configuring it ofcourse from the tincr tab)

Didn’t work

Then i read that the roo sould actually not be the folder in withch the files are, but its parent…

Didn’t work

Then i repeated the whole process by hosting on iis

Didn’t work

Make Chromium As ur Default Browser

Now that i’ve spent over an hour trying to update my freaking browser….chuck it…lets get to the point…

So what happened is that Chromium cannot be set as the default Browser…but being an obsessive freak that i am… i cannot accept that….now i wasn’t able to find any useful and easy workaround on the net,

so did some hit & try…here goes :

1. Set IE as your default browser
2. Open chromium
3. Log into chromium (this is an absolute necessacity for me)
3. It will prompt if u want to set chrome as default
4. Say yes…..