Keeping track of Movies and Shows Online

I watch and keep a lot of media stuff, and sometimes it gets difficult to remember if i already have a movie/show in my collection and also if i have already watched it or not.

To keep a track of all of this, i looked for a easy web solution in mid 2012…finally after searching and trying out few things, i decided to go with this fworkflow :

1. Whenever i come across a movie/show that i want, i add it to my IMDB Wishlist (seperate for eng and hindi stuff).

2.Next, when i acquire it, i move it to unseen list on IMDB and also clip it into evernote (where i have the same lists as tags : Eng, Hindi, ). I also add it’s IMDB link to my chrome bookmarks, with the eng and hindi tags(this is very effective as when you’re searching in the chrom omnibar, it also searches your bookmarks and so gives you instant results).

3. Then, when i watch it, i promote it to the watched list on IMDB and that’s it.

This system has worked well for me and also provides multiple backups and analytics:

1. Analytics and filtering can be easily done in IMDB
2. Evernote notes can be downloaded using the dextop client and i back them up in my Google Drive and Dropbox
3. Finally, chrome bookmarks are syncd across devices and so its present everywhere (in case you don’t want to/ have access to Evernote or IMDB web apps)

Using Git and GitHub

1. to download Git..

2. then found out the this GUI is also available :, but its not needed as i found that 1. above installs a GUI too,

3. The next step is simple :

Create a new repository on the command line
git init
git add
git commit -m “first commit”
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

Push an existing repository from the command line

git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

4. I would suggest using GIT Bash over windows CMD..

Well. this is it..follow this guide for the rest

Google Reader Revisited

I faintly remember having used google reader briefly, a few years back, when i first discovered it. I wasn’t much impressed with it then. But thankfully i stumbled upon it again, and now i’m wondering how did i ever live without it.

Clearly, Knowledge is Power. Knowlege empowers us by broadening our horizon and opening up endless possibilities…

After spending over a day playing around with endless RSS feeds and themes, i have set up a god collection of Sources for News (till now i was using only Google News), Videos, Podcasts and even Gmail (which is not accessible in my office, but now i can access it as RSS).

One thing that left me bittr is the “Note to Reader” Bookmarklet which was supposedly an awesome feature to bookmark any web page (sort of like Read It Later) to Reader, but it had been disontiued and after trying for an Hour to find some workaround, i still had no luck with it.

Currently i’m using Google Bookmark and Google Tasks to achieve the  Read It Later functionality, which is satisfactory bt not ideal…

All in All, Google Reader is amazing

Gems of Stack Exchange Discovered

I’ve been using Stack Overflow for months now, but never logged in…Until today…and lo! I discovered that Stack Overflow was only one of the many Awesome offerings of Stack Exchange.
I immediately signed up for most of the sites:
1.     Stack Overflow
2.     Web Applications
3.     Programmers
4.     SharePoint
6.     OnStartups
7.     Philosophy
Well all that was left to do was to post all the unanswered questions hidden deep within the recesses of my head, waiting for a moment of weakness, to attack, and remind me of my ignorance….awaiting answers…Let there be Light