Open Download Links in hidden Iframe

Opening a download link in a new tab can be done by setting target=”_blank”

But, it leads to flicker as the new tab is opened and then closed by the browser post triggering the download.

Hence another alternative is to target a hidden iframe on the same page as the target of this link:

  • Start by adding a hidden iframe:
  • Then open the link there by setting this attribute: target=”myFrame”

Hitting 4K posts…Is it the beginning of the end

Just as I am migrating my posts to Medium to try it out, which I’ve been wanting to do for forever now, I came across this in my wp-admin:


Turns out I just completed 4K posts on this blog…Such a bitter sweet moment…

Is this the beginning of the end of my 5+ year journey with WordPress…Hopefully not, but I’m certain that the 4K milestone is just the end of the beginning if my explorations 🙂