Exploring New Chrome Extensions

  • Follow Feed | Feedly
  • Chrome Do Not Disturb
  • My Chrome Theme
  • BehindTheOverlay
  • Grammarly for Chrome
  • Open in VLC media player
  • Musixmatch for youtube
  • Skype Calling
  • Sourcegraph for GitHub
  • Stylebot/Stylish
  • octotree
  • Session Buddy (works as tab switcher as well)
  • WhatRuns
  • Infinity New Tab
  • SessionBox – Free multi login to any website
  • Awwwards (bookmark manager)
  • Disconnect
  • The Great Suspender (however chrome itself does a much better job at this now)
  • Instapaper (Pocket alternate..though Pocket has more features)
  • Minimalist for Everything (changes site css like Stylish. Paid though)
  • Drag: To-Do & Task List (Transform your Gmail into organized Task Lists.)
  • Simple Gmail Notes
  • Aerys – Tab Manager
  • Additor – bookmark,highlight,note for web (Diggo alternate)
  • Wave (Realtime coediting in Gmail, WordPress, Evernote and Wikipedia, just like Google Docs)
  • Sum It Up (A Micro Bookmarker and Multi Color Highlighter for Note Keeping , searching and emailing essential points)
  • Vookmark – Easy video bookmarking
  • Zapier (Manually trigger Zaps using Push for tasks automation)
  • Toby for Chrome (onetab alternate for tab management)
  • Bookmark Sidebar

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