Stylebot vs Userstyles

  • Stylebot doesn’t allow !important flag in any CSS Property coz it acts this flag on its own in the background
  • Stylebot doesn’t reflect changes to CSS without refreshing the target URL, whereas Userstyles installed from Stylish Extension apply immediately on changing style

Save “runas” user password

The password used in runas command can be saved using the /savecred flag. When this is done, the subsequent runas for that user will not prompt for the password.

Eg.  C:\Windows\System32>runas /profile /user:testUser /savecred “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –no-sandbox”


Ngrx 4 Getting Started




  • Use String Enums to define list of Actions in Action Generators
  • Reducer Factory can be used to do the job of Meta Reducers and stuff like Store Freeze will leverage this feature to Freeze the State before passing it on to the reducer.
  • Angular CLI Toolkit “Schematics” as a part of Angular SDK will allow 3rd party lib authors to write their custom code generators. With this ng generate command can be used to create generators etc.



  • example-app – Example application utilizing @ngrx libraries, showcasing common patterns and best practices.