Angular Component Dev Kit

In the new released Angular CDK, the philosophy is that the components, which were till now a part of Angular Material, will move to the CDK and Angular Material will just provide material theme for these CDK components.

For instance, they’ve released the CDK Data Table which provides the table features as a common component. Angular Material (<md-table> ) then just wraps this with Material Theme and Effects.

Finally, people will be able to use Angular Common Components without having to use the Material Theme.


Table Ref:


release: 2.0.0-beta.8 :

  • This version marks the release of @angular/cdk (component dev kit)! This package contains general building blocks for UI components decoupled from the visuals of Material Design. In the initial release, code from Angular Material’s core/have been moved for a11y/bidi/coercion/observe-content/platform/portal/. The @angular/materialpackage now re-exports these symbols, marked as deprecated. The re-exports will be removed in a subsequent release.
  • Initial version of data-table component. There is both a <cdk-table> (the core) and the <md-table> (with Material Design styles). See the documentation on for more information.
  • Initial version of <md-paginator> and <md-sort-header> components, which can be used either with <md-table> or any other table.
  • Both @angular/material and @angular/cdk are now strict null compliant.

Breaking changes

  • @angular/material now depends on @angular/cdk as a peer dependency.

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