Missing functional features in JS

Here are some features that some functional languages have, that JavaScript does not have:

  1. Purity: In some FP languages, purity is enforced by the language. Expressions with side-effects are not allowed.
  2. Immutability: Some FP languages disable mutations. Instead of mutating an existing data structure, such as an array or object, expressions evaluate to new data structures. This may sound inefficient, but most functional languages use trie data structures under the hood, which feature structural sharing: meaning that the old object and new object share references to the data that is the same.
  3. Recursion: Recursion is the ability for a function to reference itself for the purpose of iteration. In many FP languages, recursion is the only way to iterate. There are no loop statements like for, while, or do loops.

ref: https://medium.com/javascript-scene/why-learn-functional-programming-in-javascript-composing-software-ea13afc7a257


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