RxJS Egghead Course

  • State vs Reducers vs Dispatcher
    • The state is an observable that you can subscribe to, in order to get the updates to it. This is PASSIVE, userful only when you want to listen to it.
    • In case you want to MANIPULATE the State, you need to call the Reducer, which ACTIVELY returns the new State after applying the Action
    • Finally, there are Dispatchers, which basically dispatch an Action that the Reducer will perform, but now, instead of returning the new State, the Dispatcher will update the Store instead, with the new State. Now anyone who is subscribed to this state will receive the new State instead of just the component that called the reducer

SLIDES: https://goo.gl/photos/umSMg69GxQYMqjxs7

COURSE: https://egghead.io/courses/building-a-time-machine-with-angular-2-and-rxjs


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