Reselect for Components


To deal with derived data, Redux recommends to use Reselect. With ngrx/store you can use RxJS CombineLatest operator.

Let’s imagine that the following object is your application state:

  "users": {
    "293580923": { "username": "shprink"},
    "423948745": { "username": "byjc"},
    "435435799": { "username": "myagoo"},
    "027859645": { "username": "whoknows"},
  "trendingUsers": [293580923, 435435799, ...],
  "topUsers": [423948745, 027859645]

To get the trendingUsers or topUsers list of users you need to merge them with the actual users objects from the users key.

CombineLatest emits an item whenever any of the source Observables emits a new item.


To get the list of trendingUsers with just CombineLatest operator, here is what you need to do:

you can easily displayed the list of trendingUsers with the async pipe:

import { Store } from '@ngrx/store';
import { Observable } from "rxjs/Observable";
import 'rxjs/add/operator/combineLatest';
    template: `
      <div *ngFor="let user of (usersStream$ | async)">
export class TrendingUsersComponent {
  usersStream$: Observable<Array<IUserState>>;
    public store: Store<AppState>
  ) {
    this.usersStream$ = Observable.combineLatest('users'),'trendingUsers'),
      (users: IUsersState, trendingUsers: Array<number>)
        => => users[id]))

You don’t need reselect

The select() method will give you an observable that calls distinctUntilChanged() internally, meaning they will only fire when the state actually changes. ( it means when there is a new reference ).


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