Language server plugin support in Typescript 2.3

The intention of this API is to extend TS Checking to other features/frameworks, so that instead of them writing Linters and Feature Extensions, they can provide these features out of the box to TS Users using the tsServer, which is TS’ own language service, which editors use to provide TS features, like typeahead, code navigation, real time errors etc..

Check out these plugins:




  • cd workspace folder
  • npm install tslint-language-service
  • npm install tslint@4.5.1 (peer dependency is defined as 4.x)
  • open the workspace folder in VS Code
  • disable vscode-tslint for the workspace
  • edit the tsconfig.json
    "compilerOptions": {
        "plugins": [
                "name": "tslint-language-service"

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