Chocolatey Commands and Packages Script

NOTE: Use the flag -y to not be prompted during install

FOR PRERELEASE SOFTWARE, USE THE PRE TAG: choco install chromium –pre


  • After installing python, create new env variable (in system section if you’re running as admin) PYTHON, with value: C:\Python36\python.exe. Next add this to the end of the existing path env variable: %PYTHON%;

If you have version or below installed:

choco version all

If you have 0.9.9+ installed:

choco upgrade all --noop

If you have choco, you can use the outdated command.

choco outdated

Following that, if you actually want to upgrade – in both versions you can follow with:

cup all -y

Note: -y will only work with

Multiple installs

There are two ways to install multiple programs in one sitting with Chocolatey. The first is to type multiple arguments into the command line. If you wanted to install VLC, GIMP, and Firefox you’d type:

cinst vlc gimp Firefox

For much larger batches of programs, however, you’re better off creating an XML document with a .config file extension and formatting it like so:

That basic document structure can include as many programs as you like, and can even include alternative sources other than Chocolatey’s community feed. For a more thorough tutorial on creating a multiple install file, check out developerFusion.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <package id="nodejs.install" />
<package id="yarn" />
<package id="7zip.install" />
<package id="chocolatey-core.extension" />
<package id="git.install" />
<package id="vlc" />
<package id="git" />
<package id="sysinternals" />
<package id="procexp" />
<package id="putty" />
<package id="github" />
<package id="ccleaner" />
<package id="powershell" />
      <package id="chromium"  />
      <package id="chocolatey"  />
      <package id="googlechrome" />
      <package id="" />
      <package id="python3" />
      <package id="chocolateygui" />
      <package id="wireshark" />
      <package id="winscp" />
      <package id="sublimetext3" />
      <package id="puppet" />
      <package id="fiddler4" />
      <package id="windowsazurepowershell" />
      <package id="citrix-receiver" />
      <package id="visualstudiocode" />
      <package id="autohotkey.install" />
      <package id="googledrive" />
      <package id="cmder" />
      <package id="qbittorrent" />
      <package id="console2" />
      <package id="gitextensions" />
      <package id="docker" />
      <package id="cmake.install" />

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