Install VSCode extensions from VSIX Offline

VS Code looks for extensions under your extensions folder .vscode/extensions. Depending on your platform it is located in the following folders:

  • Windows %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions
  • Mac ~/.vscode/extensions
  • Linux ~/.vscode/extensions

If you want to load your extension or customization each time VS Code runs, copy your project to a new folder under .vscode/extensions. For example: ~/.vscode/extensions/myextension.

Install from a VSIX

You can manually install an VS Code extension packaged in a .vsix file. Simply install using the VS Code --install-extension command line switch providing the path to the .vsix file.

code --install-extension myextension.vsix

The extension will be installed under your user .vscode/extensions folder. You may provide the --install-extension multiple times on the command line to install multiple extensions at once.

You can also install a .vsix with the Install from VSIX… command in the Extensions View command dropdown.


You can find the publisher and the extension names on the extension’s homepage inside its url:

Here the publisher is ms-vscode and the extension name is csharp.

The version can be found on the right side in the More Info area.

To download it you need to create a link from the template above:

All packages will have the same name Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.VSIXPackage so you’ll need to rename it after downloading if you want to know what package it was later.


In order to install the extension

  • Rename the file and give it the *.vsix extension
  • Open VS Code, go to File > Open File... or Ctrl+O and select the .vsix file
  • If everything went fine you should see this message at the top of the window:

Extension was successfully installed. Restart to enable it.


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