DC/OS 101 tutorial

The DC/OS 101 tutorial includes the following sessions:


DC/OS components

DC/OS includes a number of components, many of which you can safely ignore for now and hence we only list the most relevant components here. A description of all components can be found in the documentation.

  • Marathon starts and monitors DC/OS applications and services.
  • Mesos is the kernel of DC/OS and responsible for low-level task maintenance.
  • Mesos DNS provides service discovery within the cluster.
  • Minuteman is the internal layer 4 load balancer.
  • Admin Router is an open source NGINX configuration that provides central authentication and proxy to DC/OS services.
  • Universe is the package repository that holds the DC/OS services (e.g., Apache Spark of Apache Cassandra) that you can install on your cluster directly from the DC/OS UI and CLI.

DC/OS Terminology

Again we will focus on the most important terminology here. More details can be found in the documentation.

  • Master: aggregates resource offers from all agent nodes and provides them to registered frameworks.
  • Agent: runs a discrete Mesos task on behalf of a framework. The synonym of agent node is worker or slave node.
  • Scheduler: the scheduler component of a service, for example, the Marathon scheduler.
  • Task: a unit of work scheduled by a Mesos framework and executed on a Mesos agent.

ref: https://dcos.io/docs/1.8/usage/tutorials/dcos-101/


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