Tectonic: “self-driving” Kubernetes

Tectonic delivers “self-driving” Kubernetes to the enterprise. It is secure, simple and delivers the most current upstream version of Kubernetes so organizations can easily scale applications, deploy consistently and easily port/manage apps across environments.

Along with the most current release of Kubernetes, Tectonic also includes installers to help get you up and running quickly, a console to visually investigate your cluster and security features to allow you to integrate with your existing security frameworks.

Tectonic makes cluster administration simple

CoreOS ships remote software updates to all Tectonic components, just as we do with CoreOS Container Linux. This ensures that your software is always up-to-date and secure.

Tectonic ships Operators in order to better manage its open source components, like Kubernetes, etcd, and Prometheus. Operators will be able to perform in-place updates, as well as backup, restore, and scale up and down instances of software as needed.


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