DC/OS is short for Datacenter Operating System, a distributed operating system using Apache Mesos as its kernel:

Like traditional operating systems, DC/OS is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

Unlike traditional operating systems, DC/OS spans multiple machines within a network, aggregating their resources to maximize utilization by distributed applications.

To learn more, see the DC/OS Overview.

Local vs Distributed OS

DC/OS itself is composed of many individual components precisely configured to work together in concert.

This repo contains the release and package building tools necessary to produce installers for various on-premises and cloud platforms.

Directory Contents
docker Locally defined docker containers packages are built in
docs Documentation
dcos_installer Backend for Web, SSH, and some bits of the Advanced installer. Code is being cleaned up
gen Python library for rendering yaml config files for various platforms into packages, with utilities to do things like make “late binding” config set by CloudFormation
gen/build_deploy Code to take a build and transform it into a particular platform deployment tool (Bash / command line, AWS, Azure, etc.)
packages Packages which make up DC/OS (Mesos, Marathon, AdminRouter, etc). These packages are built by pkgpanda, and combined into a “bootstrap” tarball for deployment.
pkgpanda DC/OS baseline/host package management system. Tools for building, deploying, upgrading, and bundling packages together which live on the root filesystem of a machine / underneath Mesos.
pytest Misc. tests. Should be moved to live next to the appropriate code
release Release tools for DC/OS. (Building releases, building installers for releases, promoting between channels)
ssh AsyncIO based parallel ssh library used by the installer
test_util various scripts, utilities to help with integration testing

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