React Native App Starter Kit


Application Blueprint

  • Always up-to-date React Native scaffolding
  • Modular and well-documented structure for application code
  • Redux and ImmutableJS for safe and Reasonaboutable™️ state management
  • Redux Loop for Elm-style controlled side effects
  • Redux-managed Navigators for Stack-based and Tabbed navigation with NavigationExperimental
  • Disk-persisted application state caching for offline support and snappy startup performance
  • Clean and testable service layer for interacting with RESTful APIs
  • ⚠️ Sample app to show how to wire it all together
  • ⭐️ JSON Web Token authentication
  • ⭐️ Multi-environment configuration (dev, staging, production) for iOS and Android
  • ⭐️ Built-in error handling and customizable error screens

Testing Setup

  • Jest for unit testing application code and providing coverage information.
  • Enzyme and fully mocked React Native for unit testing UI components
  • Utilities for end-to-end integration testing Redux state, including side effects and asynchronous actions

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