JS to Native Apps Overview

Ionic uses WebView

Phonegap uses WebView

Ionic Native uses WebView for UI + Wrapper around Curated set of Cordova Plugins for Native Access

Nativescript uses V8 JS Runtime for running JS and use JS mappings to Native API to make Native Calls. It also uses XML to define UI Templates which at runtime are rendered as Native UI Components

React Native, like Nativescript, uses JS Runtime but for UI, it’s better as it uses JSX to declare UI Templates and these are then mapped to their native UI Counterparts for Native UI rendering

In React, a component describes its own appearance; React then handles the rendering for you. A clean abstraction layer separates these two functions. In order to render components for the web, React uses standard HTML tags. This same abstraction layer, known as the “bridge,” enables React Native to invoke the actual rendering APIs on iOS and Android. On iOS, that means that your React Native components render to real UI Views, while on Android, they’ll render to native Views.

You’ll write what looks an awful lot like standard JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Instead of compiling down to native code, React Native takes your application and runs it using the host platform’s JavaScript engine, without blocking the main UI thread. You get the benefits of native performance, animations, and behavior, without having to write Objective-C or Java. Other cross-platform methods of app development, such as Cordova or Titanium, can never quite match this level of native performance or appearance.

ref: https://www.infoq.com/articles/react-native-introduction

Integrating with Existing Apps guide and Native UI Components guide



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