IDM Queue Download Tips

IDM Queues make is easy to download a bunch of videos unobtrusively. One requirement that I had was to download the smallest videos first, so for that I sorted the videos by size and then selected them all and rt clk and add to new Queue…now when it started download of queue, it does it in my sort order, which was ascending order of size…cool

VLC Shortcuts/HotKeys


  • m for Next
  • n for normal speed
  • / to jump to end of video ie long jump
  • > to speed up
  • < to slow down
  • b for audio track
  • v for subs track
  • Mouse wheel or 2 finger swipe is Volume
  • Enable mouse gestures
    • left right is position
    • top down is volume
  • f full screen
  • space is pause
  • snapshot is s
  • record is r
  • aspect is a
  • crop is c

Dynamic VLC Workflow

Unfortunately both of the below requirements don’t work together:

  1. VLC Should watch given directory and update playlist dynamically when directory changes
  2. More importantly, VLC should delete files after video/playlist is complete:

I prefer using 2nd option alone


VLC Preferences Backup

download this file: vlcrc

remove .docx extension from this file and put it here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\vlc

Restart VLC



  • Exit post playback
  • resume at last position
  • publish to
  • play in fullscreen
  • Hotkeys:
    • m for Next
    • n for normal speed
  • Pause playback when minimized
  • Video Snapshots in screenshots folder: C:\Users\ACER\Pictures\Screenshots
  • Subs:
    • Font: Smaller
    • Border: None

Mouse gestures in VLC

0.9.0 and over

  • left : Short time skip backward (10sec by default)
  • right : Short time skip forward (10sec by default)
  • left-up : Faster
  • right-up : Slower
  • left-down : Go to previous entry in playlist
  • right-down : Go to next entry in playlist
  • left-right : Play/Pause
  • right-left : Play/Pause
  • up : Volume up
  • down : Volume down
  • up-down : Mute Volume
  • down-up : Mute Volume
  • up-right : Change Audio track
  • down-right : Change Subtitle track
  • up-left : Enter fullscreen mode
  • down-left : Quit VLC