slush vs yeoman

Yeoman is the oldest generator that i’ve worked with…The idea with slush is to replace yeoman with Gulp.

To make it easier to use a project generator built with Gulp Slush was build. Slush locates all installed Gulp built project generators, from now on called “slush generators”, and makes it possible to run such a generator without the need to specify it’s location

Slush itself does not depend on Gulp but each generator must have Gulp as a dependency for this to work, Slush will run the Gulp module local to the generator.

To distinguish between the scaffolding gulpfile and an ordinary gulpfile used for development the former should be named slushfile.js. There’s no difference between an ordinary gulpfile and the slushfile in how you write it, but only how you use it.

Slush comes with no functionality of its own, the only thing it provides is a convention and convenience of running global gulpfiles (in this case slushfiles) with the purpose of scaffolding projects, or anything else useful for that matter. So if something is missing it should probably be implemented as a gulp plugin.



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