DebugDiag to analyze logs x86 or x64 ?

I installed DebugDiag x64 and tried to analyze .dmp file of a 32 bit process.

It failed with error

The process  is a 32 bit application running on a 64 bit operating system. The dump file was collected from a 64 bit debugger other than DebugDiag.Analysis of this type of dump is not supported.

Then it said: 

Collect another dump using DebugDiag, or using any 32 bit debugger

I assumed that it needs 32 bit vesion of DebugDiag, but when i tried to install it, i got error: This package can be run only on 32 bit machine…

So basically the issue was that i had to run 32 bit task manager from C:\Windows\SysWOW64

Then collect the dump and analyse using debugDiagx64

Create fields on the fly in Splunk 6.2

For this, click on the “All Fields” icon in the search result and then on  Extract New Fields in top right.

To do it manually, here’s a sample:

index=_demo sourcetype=mysql_perf | rex field=_raw “(?:(FROM\s+|INTO\s+)(?<Table>\w+))” | eval Table=lower(Table) | stats avg(transaction_speed) as “Average Query Time” by Table

his new search example uses the rex command to extract additional fields. Then, it uses the eval command to transform one of the field’s values to lowercase characters. Then, it uses the stats command to build a tabular report.

Note that you can create a dashboard with every Search, Report, and Pivot that you save. You can rearrange and modify the dashboard panels, print the dashboard, and export the dashboard to PDF.

Data Models let you map the structure of your data and use it in Pivot to create reports and dashboards. The data model in this example represents how customers use a shopping cart on a webstore. The customers’ actions (Views, Purchases, and so on) characterize each of these data model objects.

Use Pivot to quickly design reports with tables and data visualizations based on different aspects of a Data Model. Pivot lets you generate these reports using an interactive interface instead of the search processing language.

Chrome Extension Shortcuts

SEARCH ENGINES (addres bar: type the word and then press space to activate)

Shortcut/Extension Function
= Wolfram ALpha (Extension)
l Google Lucky ( as) OR (’m+Feeling+Lucky&q=%s)
I IMDB (;q=%s)
A Addic7ed (
C Contacts (
D Drive (
E Evernote (
Ex Extension (
D Dictionary (
K (
T Torrentz (
S Subscene (
h Web History (
y youTube ({startPage?}&utm_source=opensearch)
p YouTube Playlist (
M Music search using Streamus (Extension)
LY Lyrics for Google Chrome (Extension)

Add to ToDoist Add to Wunderlist | Alt + T

Speak Article | Alt + S (Alt+Shift+S is to activate extension for options) – Natural Reader Text to Speech Extension
Blitz Full Screen URL Launcher |Alt+A
Cool Clock |Alt+C (In its options change hourly notification view to compact and clock to analog…use it’s alarm and reminders too)
Extensions Manager |Alt+E (This is default shortcut for Settings Menu)
Extensions Manager |Alt+M
Pocket (formerly Read It Later) |Alt+P
Google Chrome to Phone Extension |Alt+H
Diigo Web Collector – Capture and Annotate |Ctrl+D
Address Bar |Alt+D
Clearly | Alt + R (R for reading)
Chrome Tab Search | Ctrl + O
Streamus | Alt + M (M for Music)
Alt + Down Arrow to decrease vol and Alt + Up Arrow to increase
Alt + L to Play/Pause
Alt + N for Next
Send from Gmail (by Google)| Alt + G
Evernote| Ctrl + E
Wordpress Post (Multipress Extension)| Alt + W
Google Chrome to Phone Extension| Alt + P
Chrome Tab Search Extension| Ctrl+ O
Search and Replace | Ctrl + Shift + F
Display OneTab|Alt+Shift+T
Send the current tab to OneTab|Alt + O

Google Calendar (by Google) | Alt + C

Webpage Screenshot| Alt + X (Grab selected region) , Alt + Z (Full Page Screenshot and Editing)


  • Download notifier
  • Jive Anywhere


  • Jetbrains Extension

CRX Mouse Settings

  1. Scroll Up : Up Gesture
  2. Scroll Down : Down Gesture
  3. Back: Left Gesture
  4. Fullscreen Toggle: Right Gesture
  5. Close: Make C Gesture

Other Extensions with no shortcuts:

  1. CrxMouse
  2. Feedly Background Tab
  3. HTML5 video playback speed controller
  4. IE Tab
  5. Scrollbar diet
  6. Sortly (for sorting feedly articles)
  7. Stylish ( with Dark Feedly (Hauschild’s))
  8. uBlock
  9. Google Inbox Checker (Inbox by Gmail)
  10. github notifier
  11. Youtube Center
  12. Web Dev Extensions
    1. Batarang
    2. Postman
    3. ng-inspector


blog using onenote

OneNote is way better than Word for Blogging due to:

1. Ability to stick to the side of desktop, hence always being there

2. Being way powerful than word alone

Turns out it uses Word for publishing the post to blog.