Setting up New PC

Now that i’m using multiple Azure VMs daily, and deleting them for any reason, i’ve set up 5 machines this month.

Here is the list of steps that i do when getting the VM ready for use:

  1. Create local Admin Account. Logging in with email account does not work for Azure VMs and with the default account Store is not available. Hence this needs to be Installed:
  2. VM Agent
  3. Extension for VM using Azure Portal
  4. Office 365
  5. Chrome
  6. Turn On All Features from “Turn Windows Features On/Off” Portal
  7. Visual Studio 2015 (From MSDN Subscription)
    1. Visual Studio Secondary installer (includes Android Dev Tools for Cross Platform Mobile Dev)
    2. Node.JS tools for visual studio
  8. Release management for Visual Studio
  9. SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition (x64) (From MSDN Subscription)

  10. Xamarin
  11. Web Platform installer
    1. Azure SDK for Windows
    2. Azure Powershell Tools
  12. Chocolatey
  13. Git
  14. NodeJS
  15. OneGet (Powershell)
    1. NodeJS
  16. Sublime Text
  17. Set env variables:
  18. HTTP_PROXY=”http://wwwproxy.<>.com:8080″
  19. http_proxy=”http://wwwproxy.<>.com:8080″
  20. HTTPS_PROXY=”http://wwwproxy.<>.com:8080″https_proxy=”http://wwwproxy.<>/com:8080″no_proxy=”localhost,;}

Reset/Change Forgotten Password for Azure Virtual Machine

PS C:\Users\ACER> $x = Get-AzureVM -ServiceName ***ServiceName****

PS C:\Users\ACER> $x    // This commans shows all the VM Details that might be needed for the below command

PS C:\Users\ACER> Set-AzureVMAccessExtension -VM $x -UserName ” ****Domain\UserName**** ” -Password ” ***** ” | Update-AzureVM -ServiceName ***Domain*** -Name ***ServiceName****

Proxy Authentication Required error in powershell

$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient $wc.DownloadString('')

And get the expected error:

Exception calling "DownloadString" with "1" argument(s): "The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required."

So I set the credentials on my test WebClient’s Proxy to use my current credentials that I logged in to Windows with, and test again:

$wc.Proxy.Credentials = [System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultNetworkCredentials $wc.DownloadString('')

And this time I get the raw content of the home page instead of an error.



Get alt-tab working in Citrix and RDP

1 .You can use alt+pageUp for the same functionality

2. Configure the TransparentKeyPassthrough citrix receiver registry keys to “Remote”.

3. Make sure your RDP client has “Local Resource -> Keyboard” set to “in full-screen mode only”.

Alt-tab => Alt-Page Up

Alt-Tab back => Alt-Page Down

Start => Alt-Home

Next Application => Alt-Insert