Use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online and Azure Together

  1. Login to Azure and go to the management dashboard
  2. Click on VS Online option:
  3. Link is with existing VS Online account or create new one
  4. Create new Project in VS Online
  5. Open VS 2013 and in Team Explorer, connect to team projects
  6. Create new solution
  7. when creating select azure option
  8. when solution is created, click on publish in : web publisher window of VS
  9. when it gets published, browse the site (Eg. )


  1. I am getting this error when publishing:Web deployment task failed. (Could not connect to the remote computer (“”). On the remote computer, make sure that Web Deploy is installed and that the required process (“Web Management Service”) is started.  Learn more at:

For this, i installed :

But no luck getting the app published..i’m doing it now using VS Online:

Outlook 2013 shortcuts that i use

Function Shortcut
New Item (Mail in mail view and Appointment in Cal View) Ctrl + N
Move between the Folder Pane, the main Outlook window, the Reading Pane, and the To-Do Bar.



Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Shift+Tab
Collapse All in Mail Ctrl + –
Switch to Mail. Ctrl+1
Switch to Calendar. Ctrl+2
Switch to Contacts. Ctrl+3
Switch to Tasks. Ctrl+4
Switch to Notes. Ctrl+5
Switch to Folder List in Folder Pane. Ctrl+6
Switch to Shortcuts. Ctrl+7
GoTo in open Mail F5
Go to the Search box. F3 or Ctrl+E
Use Advanced Find. Ctrl+Shift+F
Search for text within an open item. F4
Find next. Shift+F4
Open the Flag for Follow Up dialog box to assign a flag. Ctrl+Shift+G
Create an appointment. Ctrl+Shift+A
Create a contact. Ctrl+Shift+C
Create a meeting request. Ctrl+Shift+Q
Create a message. Ctrl+Shift+M
Reply Ctrl + R
Reply All Ctrl _+ Shift + R
Reply with meeting request. Ctrl+Alt+R
Switch to Inbox. Ctrl+Shift+I
Forward a message. Ctrl+F
Open a received message. Ctrl+O
Go to a date. Ctrl+G
Switch to Month view. Alt+= or Ctrl+Alt+4
Go to the next day. Ctrl+Right Arrow
Go to the next week. Alt+Down Arrow
Go to the next month. Alt+Page Down
Go to the previous day. Ctrl+Left Arrow
Go to the previous week. Alt+Up Arrow
Go to the previous month. Alt+Page Up
Switch to Full Week view. Alt+Minus Sign or Ctrl+Alt+3
Switch to Work Week view. Ctrl+Alt+2
Go to previous appointment. Ctrl+Comma or Ctrl+Shift+Comma
Go to next appointment. Ctrl+Period or Ctrl+Shift+Period
Use Advanced Find. Ctrl+Shift+F
Create a task (from any Outlook view). Ctrl+Shift+K
Insert a hyperlink. Ctrl+K


How does Google Drive for Windows deal with conflicting changes

I made a change in a google drive folder for windows and a conflicting change in drive on the web..

Then i turned on the google drive for windows app…

Turns out that Google Drive on windows didn’t bother to sync that file at all…Awesome suck so bad…it didn’t show any errors as well…

I would love to go back to the world of blue screen and ugly error prompts rather than this new world of silent error swallowing..

Freeing up space in Google Drive by moving photos to Google+

I have only 4 GB out of 15 GB left free in Google Drive. it shows that 8 GB is taken up by Photos.

Now i understand that if i am fine with storing only 2048px version of these in the cloud, i’ll get unlimited photo storage with Google+.

So that;s what i want to do.

Step 1: Isolate Photos in Google Drive

Step 2: Upload all those again to Google+ (which will automatically downsize each to 2048px)

Step 3: Delete All Photos from Google Drive

Now to Do this i can either do it all from my local backed up copy of Google Drive (on my PC) which is straightforward, or i can do it all in the browser somehow….lemme ask google..

well, didn’t find any direct solution…going with the below steps:

Step 1: Install Google Drive for windows

Step 2: Sync is with the cloud Drive so that all my pics etc. are available locally

Step 3: Isolate Photos in Local backup of G Drive (just search for .jpg files)

Step 4: Upload all those again to Google+ using Picassa (Google+ Auto Backup for Desktop) which will automatically downsize each to 2048px)

Step 5: Delete All Photos from Google Drive

..but instead found this post where people have tried to do the same thing is other ways…you may want to check that out too..


Turns out that the Sync did not get me any of the 7GB images that google says i am using..

Searched for : how to find full size images in google+ that are taking up space in google drive

Neither does Google+ Show any images when i ask it to show Drive images

But many full size pics are present in Android Auto Backup

Great…now all i have to do is go through all 5000 auto backup images and see which ones are full size..

Thanks Google…if only you had focused on adding basic features instead of coating all your crap with Material Design, i could have slept tonight…