Prototype vs lodash

Prototype vs lodash

Functional JavaScript using Lo-Dash, an underscore.js alternative



outlook 2013 script to download all attachments in background

outlook 2013 script to download all attachments in background

Following scripts do it for selected items:


This is the script I used:

Changed Set TargetFolderItems = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Items (ref: )

So as to work with InboxFinally got It working…turns out that the script was not running at all. I activated the developers tab and changed the macro security to allow all scripts.

(File >> Options >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings >> Macro Settings >> Enable all macros >> OK >> OK >> Restart Outlook)

It worked then.

2 good charting tools for GWT (and its variants):

2 good charting tools for GWT (and its variants):



Trying to open PDF links but it constantly prompts him to Save or Close rather than open.

It depends on a couple of things, how the doc is set to be displayed by the page and how Chrome is set to handle downloads. For example this page should just display in the browser and no download prompt would appear :
Whereas say the cafeteria menus in NY are set to download : which is the behaviour I think you describe.

Chrome doesn’t handle this download scenario very well if the download folder is a network path, which is the current default.