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Create Partial Views in Angular JS using Javascript

I’m noting these steps as i write code in the Project :

1. In the app dir make sure u have scripts, controllers and views
2. Create a View (Partial) : Action.html
3. Create its controller in scripts/controllers folder : Action.js 
3. Create its model in scripts/models folder : ActionModel.js 

‘use strict’;

  .controller( ‘ActionCtrl‘, [‘ActionModel‘, ‘$scope’, ‘$http’, ‘$location’, ‘$rootScope’, function (helpModel, $scope, $http, $location, $rootScope) {…

3. Register it in the app.js (present in app\scripts dir) :

angular.module(‘AppName‘, [‘controllers’, ‘directives’, ‘filters’, ‘services’])
  .config([‘$routeProvider’, function ($routeProvider) {
        .when(‘/action‘, {
            templateUrl: ‘views/action.html‘,
            controller: ‘ActionCtrl

4. Next, register these in index.html (present in app dir):
      <script src=”scripts/controllers/Action.js”></script>
      <script src=”scripts/models/ActionModel.js”></script>

5. Keep your data in action.json file for dummy data. in app/mocks dir: Action.json



Get the JSON data using HTTP:

Write a module  (SERVICE)that does this  app\scripts\services\apiService.js:

‘use strict’;


then in it,

Next, in ActionModel.js write:

this.waitForData = function() {
          return $http.get(‘api/Action‘);

Admin rights Quirks in Windows 7

Here are a few lessons i’ve learnt in my struggle with admin rights of win 7:

When explorer is not running as admin while a process like Word is, then u cannot drag a doc from explorer to word
When u open the same doc by doudle clicking on it, then it opens in word but in another instance of word which is not a admin process …even though there is another process running as admin for word
When u then modify this doc and try to save it, u cannot as word is not running as admin and hence opens the doc in read only view.
So then how to do this ?
Simply run explorer as admin by running cmd as admin, then killing all explorer instances from task mgr. and then running it from cmd by > explorer.exe

Then double clicking on doc will open it as admin always and hence no issues in saving etc.

Also i still get random pop ups asking if i want to perform actions as admin, even for things like copy paste …
so basically i want

For this it tried :

found another crazy thing that i get issues like the UAC prompt and read only files only in case i don’t have the file in my user folder : C:\Users\tarun.khemani

But when i have the files there there are no issues …


ALSO, for all ur directories allow security full access for everyone to the root itself …this will get rid of all edge cases that lead to stupid issues…..