Keep a key pressed using autohotkey

Below script keeps control pressed till shift+e is pressed:

+1:: Send {CONTROL down}

+2:: Send {LControl up}


;KeyDown := !KeyDown
;If KeyDown
; Send {CONTROL down}
; Send {CONTROL up}


Autoscroll to end of infinite list on any webpage

var lastScrollHeight = 0;
function autoScroll() {
var sh = document.documentElement.scrollHeight;
if (sh != lastScrollHeight) {
lastScrollHeight = sh;
document.documentElement.scrollTop = sh;
window.setInterval(autoScroll, 100);

PS: Save this script as Chrome Snippet to have it handy and run directly on any page
PPS: Alternatively,  this Chrome extension auto-scrolls at maximum speed to the bottom until you tell it to stop. Works very well. Autoscroll