Create Jira Dashboards

There are 2 types of Dashboards, namely Agile and Kanban.

Dashboards can be created for Kanban easily, but for Agile, we need to create a sprint before we can visualize.

Also, to visualize statuses, use the columns and you can also create swimlanes that can driven by custom queries and hence show anything.

Jira JQL query to Identify Missing Fields

It makes sense for a team to identify the set of Jira Issue Fields that every Item should contain.

Now, the way to identify if all items meet this criteria, is to either make these fields compulsory from Admin settings, OR write JQL query to identify tasks not meeting criteria Eg. project = XYZ AND status != Closed AND  (duedate is EMPTY OR assignee is EMPTY OR affectedVersion is EMPTY OR component is EMPTY OR "Epic Link" is EMPTY)


Some other filters:

  1. Due Today: project = XYZ AND duedate = endOfDay()
  2. Overdue: project = XYZ AND duedate < endOfDay() AND status != Resolved
  3. Only My Issues: assignee = currentUser()
  4. Recently Updated: updatedDate >= -1d