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Nx for Angular

Nx is a set of Angular CLI generators, linters, and runtime libraries eliminating a lot of the speed bumps teams face when building ambitiousAngular applications.

  • Nx Workspace
    • Nx Workspace is built on top of the Angular CLI
    • It is a “mono repo” way of building frontend applications.
    • Whereas in the standard CLI or WebPack setups, it may take you hours to create a new library, with an Nx Workspace you can do it in seconds
    • Instead of having a large monolith, you will have dozens of small libraries with well-defined public APIs (and an Nx Workspace ensures you only use your libraries’ public APIs).
    • Since most of you already have existing CLI projects, we built a generator to convert them into an Nx Workspace.
  • State Management
    • NgRx is the de facto state-management library used in the Angular community.
    • Just run ng generate ngrx, and you will get your state management in place, with tests, dev tools, and everything else set up.

See documentation to learn more.