Install Chocolatey

$wc = new-object net.webclient;
$proxyUri = new-object system.uri(“<PROXY>”);
$wc.Proxy = new-object$proxyUri, $true);
$cachedCredentials = new-object;
$netCredential = new-object“<USERNAME>”, “<PASSWORD>”);

$cachedCredentials.Add($proxyUri, “Basic”, $netCredential);

$wc.Proxy.Credentials = $cachedCredentials.GetCredential($proxyUri, “Basic”);

iex ($wc.DownloadString(“;));


wifi network not listed in available networks in win 10

PS: After none of the above links resolved the issue, and believe me when I say I tried everything coz i’m embarrassed to admit how many hours I spend on this, I tried USB and Bluetooth tethering and that too wasn’t working, so while investigating that and setting up bluetooth connection, i noticed that the wifi options was now showing my router’s SSID…so the issue is resolved, but I have no idea how

Translate Subtitles

  • using Google Translate, translate the file or text, 5K characters at a time OR if your text is >5K chars, publish it on a blog (eg. wordpress) and use the Google Web Page Translation to translate it all in one go:
  • Collate the translated subs into single srt file
  • Fix timestamp issues due to translation:
    • Remove space after colon in timestamps by this regx by replacing  :( ) with :
    • Replace -> with –>
  • Finally test the subs file with the video