Comments in MS Word

I don’t use this feature much, but got a chance to use it today, basically to add screenshots to parts of a list like so:


Note that the dotted line comes when you enable “all markup” setting in Review Tab, shown in above screenshot.


Shortcut to add comment is to select the text to comment and then press ctrl alt M


PS: see:


Go to three different places to make these changes. I provide a recap at the end, but a summary might be useful here:

  • To change the location and size of balloons: Track Changes – Track Changes Options
  • To change the size, font, colour etc.of the heading (Comment M2 etc) AND/OR the size of all text in the comment balloon: Styles – Balloon text
  • To change the font and colour of the actual paragraph of text in the balloon AND/OR the size of all of the text in the comment balloon: Styles – Comment text